WIN Home Inspection

Tom and Dianne Knapp launched World Home Inspection, which evolved into the WIN Home Inspection franchise, in 1993, and their new approach to home inspections garnered a lot of attention. WIN quickly dominated Washington state and began a nationwide expansion that has taken them into almost 30 states, with more than 175 territories.

They set themselves apart by offering a consistent, professional experience that home buyers appreciate and real estate agents respect. Training, technology and marketing support that helps their franchise owners develop loyal relationships in the real estate industry that lead to a steady stream of customer referrals.

WIN’s professionalism and spirit of cooperation have been rewarded. Total revenue has increased 31% over the past two years even as the number of franchise owners has remained steady amid the recovering economy.

Guardian, has been supporting WIN franchisees for over 10 years and we understand your business and we understand the how to integrate with your WIN Connect software. When you choose us as your credit card processor, you can feel confident that our service will allow you complete compatibility, unbelievable simplicity and guaranteed affordability.

Please Call


for assistance with a merchant account.


Just 3 Simple Steps…..

  1. Call Guardian Financial. Our representatives have been working with the Home Inspection Industry for over 12 years. They will answer all your questions and send you the application documents you need.
  2. Fill out the simple 2 page document (takes less than 10 min.) and email or fax us back the documents. We will have your account set up and active within 2 business days.
  3. Link your new Guardian Financial merchant account to the WIN Connect Software by simply inserting your gateway account numbers into the WIN Connect Software.

It really is as easy as 1,2,3.


Because our merchant account is completely compatible with the WIN Connect Software you will have the ability to accept all card types right inside your software.

Once Your credit card processing is integrated with WIN Connect you can:

  1. Have the software automatically include a payment link to the Inspection agreement allowing your customers to pay when they fill out and sign the agreement.
  2. Accept payment on site using the mobile app.
  3. Lock the inspection report so the customer is unable to open it until they have paid for it.
    Any credit card payment accepted through WIN Connect, whether the customer clicks the link, or through the mobile app or on your PC, will automatically update the invoice to show it has been paid.
  4. Integration makes payment easier for the customer, it reduces cancellations, increases the chance they purchase add on services and overall makes your life easier. Shown below are some screenshots of mobile application which will allow you to take payment on site while keeping all your records updated and current.

The rates and fees associated with processing credit cards are primarily determined by the risk associated with running the transaction. Because we work with so many Home Inspectors, we have been able to create an account that gives the lowest rates to transactions that have historically been charged at a higher risk level. We try our very best to make sure our pricing is as simple as possible to understand.

*The monthly minimum is made up of your processing fees. Using the average home inspection transaction of $400, you would only need to do about 4 transactions a month to cover the minimum.

**We waive the PCI Compliance fee for the first 12 month of the account. We also have the lowest compliance fee in the industry compared to the average of over $149 annually.


  • Transactions

  • Discount Rate: 1.70%
  • Communication Fee: .20
  • American Express: 2.79%
  • Mid-Qual 0.4%  Non-Qual 1.40%
  • Monthly

  • Account Maintenance: $5/ Mo
  • Secure Gateway: $5/ Mo
  • Monthly Minimum: $25*
  • PCI Compliance: $4.95/ Mo **
  • Set Up