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Guardian is excited to partner with Porch.com to offer all Pros competitive rates and the tools needed to run your business. We offer every pro the 123 SmartPro software suite in an effort to help run your business. When you fill out the Sign Up Now, we will send you everything you need to elevate your contractor business to the next level. Be sure to check out the videos below of some of the amazing features found in the 123 SmartPro software. All provided FREE when you establish your FREE Guardian merchant account.





The rates and fees associated with processing credit cards are primarily determined by the risk associated with running the transaction. Because we work with so many contractors, we have been able to create an account that gives the lowest rates to transactions that have historically been charged at a higher risk level. We try our very best to make sure our pricing is as simple as possible to understand.


  • Transactions

  • Debit Transactions: 2.75% Flat Fee
  • Communication Fee: .30
  • Credit Cards: 2.75%
  • Rewards Cards and Corporate Cards 2.75%
  • Monthly

  • Account Maintenance: $0.00
  • Secure Gateway: $0.00
  • Monthly Minimum: 0.00
  • PCI Compliance: $0.00
  • Set Up



Keeping Customer Records Organized Digitally

Improve Customer Communication

Build Recurring Revenues using Service Plans

Boost revenues Using Credit Card Processing

Consumer Credit

Track Service Techs and Improve Service Performance


There are no integration instructions necessary. Because we partner directly with 123 SmartPro, your merchant account will be fully integrated into the software with no effort on your part.


Q.How much will switching to Guardian cost me?
A.We have ensured that Guardian will match or beat your current rates. With Guardian, there are no monthly fees whatsoever (if you don’t use it, it won’t cost you a dime). There are also no startup fees, and it is a month to month contract with no cancellation fee.
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Q.How long will switching to Guardian take?
A.Guardian has an online application that only takes a few minutes to fill out. There is no documentation to sign, scan, or email. You can do everything electronically. Your account is generally ready within one business day. From start to finish, this process should not take more than 10 minutes–plus you’ll be saving money every month.
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Q.Will I miss any payments during the transition?
A.No. The transition to Guardian is totally seamless.
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Q.When does Guardian deposit my funds?
A. Guardian offers next day funding. Any transactions completed before 7:45pm EST will be automatically deposited into your account the next business day.
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Q.When does Guardian take out my fees?
A. Unlike many processors, Guardian doesn’t take out their fees until the next month. So, if you do a $400 transaction, then $400 will show up in your account. This makes reconciliation and transaction tracking much simpler.
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Q.What are the benefits of moving to Guardian?
A. Porch.com has vetted Guardian as their preferred processor. They guarantee lower processing fees, no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no cancellation fees. In addition, they offer next day funding, have better reporting and integration with 123 SmartPro, and have best in class customer service. Guardian understands our industry, your business, and most importantly, your business management software. They provide top-notch customer service (they actually answer the phone) and, because of their relationship with the contractor industry, they have a vested interest in making sure you are satisfied with your account and their service.
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Q.What if I am locked in a contract with my existing processor?
A.Talk to Guardian. They will take a look at your account, your rates, and fees and let you know what they can do. Just call them at 800-608-7363 and they will help you out.
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Q.What if I don’t process very many payments?
A. Porch.com has negotiated with Guardian Financial to offer inspectors a no-monthly-fee payment processing account. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay a dime. Even if you aren’t using payment processing often, we recommend setting up an account so that it’s ready when you need it.
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Q.I’ve already negotiated great rates with my current processor, will Guardian match them?
A.Guardian will match or beat whatever you are currently paying. Just send them a copy of your processing statement, and they will work up a proposal for you and show you how much you save by making the switch. If they can’t save you money, they will give you $500 (we have never had to pay it out).
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Q.What Card types will I be able to accept?
A.Unless you request that we not set up a specific card type, your account will be set up so that you can accept all card types. Our recommendation is that you accept all types of credit cards. We recommend that you  allow your customers to pay with their preferred form of payment, no matter what it is.
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Q.How do I see what my fees are?
A.You will log into your cardpointe account, (www.cardpointe.com) with the same username and password that you created when you did the online application. Then go to the reporting tab, then statements.
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Q.My Account shows a PCI Non-Compliant status, what do I need to do?
A.You will need to click on the Non-Compliant link and go through the PCI questionnaire. This needs to be done annually. If you do not become complaint, your account will be charged $24.95 a month until it is compliant and then you can request those fees be refunded for up to 1 years’ worth of charges. Click here to link to instruction page on our site.
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Q.Should I use the authorization method?
A.If you chose to use the authorization method your customers card will only be authorized for the amount of the invoice (like when you check in at a hotel) then the transaction will be finalized at a later time that you specify in the software. Usually at the time of completion.
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Q.What kind of receipt will my customer get?
A.If your customer enters their email address in the payment process, they will get an email receipt with all the details of the transaction.
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Q.How do I refund a transaction?
A.The best way to process a refund, is to do it within your software by going to the detail and choosing refund. You can also process a refund in the cardpointe gateway. When you log into your cardpointe account and go to the reporting tab, the default view is of the past 7 days transactions. The transaction number is a hyperlink that when clicked will show you all of the details of the transaction and have an option to refund available.
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