NxtInspekt is a full feature, software-as-a-service (SaaS) scheduling platform uniquely created to handle the specific needs and data of Home Inspectors. Nxt Inspekt understands the Home Inspection business and knows what Home Inspectors need to make scheduling convenient, easy and cost-effective… A simple interface that works with your existing website & no more phone tag. Clients/Realtors can book appointments from any device with an Internet connection – 24/7/365. Integrating your Guardian Financial merchant account with NxtInspekt is simple, quick and easy. Sign up for credit card processing now, and we at Guardian will help you with every step of the integration process.



Just 3 Simple Steps…..

  1. Call Guardian Financial. Our representatives have been working with the Home Inspection Industry for over 17 years. They will answer all your questions and send you the application documents you need.
  2. Fill out the simple online application. (takes less than 10 min.) We will have your account set up and active within 2 business days.
  3. Link your new Guardian Financial merchant account to the NXTInspekt Software by simply inserting your Authorize.net gateway account numbers into the NXTInspekt Software.

It really is as easy as 1,2,3.


Because our merchant account is completely compatible with NXTInspekt Software you will have the ability to accept all card types right inside your NXTInspekt software.

Once Your credit card processing is integrated with NXTInspekt you can:

  1. Have NXTInspekt automatically include a payment link to the Inspection agreement allowing your customers to pay when they fill out and sign the agreement.
  2. Accept payment on site using the NXTInspekt mobile app.
  3. Lock the inspection report so the customer is unable to open it until they have paid for it.
    Any credit card payment accepted through NXTInspekt, whether the customer clicks the link, or through the mobile app or on your PC, will automatically update the invoice to show it has been paid.
  4. Integration makes payment easier for the customer, it reduces cancellations, increases the chance they purchase add on services and overall makes your life easier. Shown below are some screenshots of NXTInspekt’s mobile application which will allow you to take payment on site while keeping all your records updated and current.




The rates and fees associated with processing credit cards are primarily determined by the risk associated with running the transaction. Because we work with so many Home Inspectors, we have been able to create an account that gives the lowest rates to transactions that have historically been charged at a higher risk level. We try our very best to make sure our pricing is as simple as possible to understand.


  • Transactions

  • Debit transactions: 1.70%
  • Communication Fee: .30
  • Credit Cards: 2.69%
  • Rewards cards and Corporate cards: 3.29%
  • Monthly

  • NO Account Maintenance Fee
  • NO Secure Gateway Fee
  • NO Monthly Minimum
  • NO PCI Compliance Fee
  • Set Up


Below are some screen shots that will aid you in integrating your credit card processing account with NXTInspekt. Once you have activated your Authorize.net gateway, you will need to login to Authorize.net and get the API Login ID, Transaction Key and Public Client Key.

To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key:

1.                   Log into the Merchant Interface at https://account.authorize.net

2.                   Click Account from the main toolbar.

3.                   Click Settings in the main left-side menu.

4.                   Click API Credentials & Keys.

Your API Login ID is displayed on the page if one has been generated already. If not, enter your Secret Answer. The API Login ID will then be generated.

5.                   Enter your Secret Answer.

6.                   Select New Transaction Key.

7.                   Click Submit to continue. Your new Transaction Key is displayed. 

To obtain a Public Client Key:

1.                   Log into the Merchant Interface at https://account.authorize.net

2.                   Click Account from the main toolbar.

3.                   Click Settings in the main left-side menu.

4.                   Click Security Settings.

5.                   Click General Security Settings.

6.                   Click Manage Public Client Key.

7.                   Enter your Secret Answer.

8.                   Click Submit to continue. Your new Public Client Key is displayed.

While you are here, once you have copied and pasted these numbers into NXTInspekt; go back to the Account tab in authorize.net, click on “Test Mode” in the Security Settings section and set your account to “Live.”

The last step is to Enable Customer Information Manager (CIM) with Authorize.Net – This simply allows NXT to create a customer profile for your Client through an API call so their CC can be saved in Authorize.Net 

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at https://account.authorize.netSelect 
  2. Customer Information Manager (CIM) from the home screen.
    Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
  3. Click on Sign up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now.
  4. Select the checkmark I have read and understand the Terms of Service.
  5. Click I Agree.

    Once the steps above have been followed and the credentials entered into NXT Integration, you will be able to accept Credit Card payment at time of Agreement e-signing through NXT.  The “Payment Method Table” template variable %PAYMENT_METHOD_TABLE% needs to added to your Agreement (typically towards the bottom). When the Client selects “Credit Card”, they are then prompted to enter their CC info. The CC will be validated immediately, and then once the Appointment Start Datetime has passed, the Card will be automatically processed (set to run approximately 24 hours after start date time) to coincide roughly with Report being sent.  This amount of time after Appointment Start Date/Time can be set to whatever value you would like.


    Also, you can manually force the Capture to happen early by clicking the “Capture Funds thru Authorize.Net” button on the Appointment Profile > Actions panel.