Inspection Support Network

The Inspection Support team has been creating reporting, business and scheduling software for the Inspection industry since 2000. In 2002 they launched the Inspection Support Network™(ISN) and Guardian has been working with ISN since 2003 supporting commercial and residential inspectors since the inception. The inspection industry is evolving rapidly and the ISN development team continues to deliver countless updates and new features to support inspectors. The Inspection Support team is focused on actively automating and simplifying every task an inspector does to execute their businesses. The Inspection Support Network is actively used by small, medium and large inspection companies. Additionally, it is aggressively used by four of the largest franchises in the United States and Canada and the ISN team is proud to service inspectors throughout the world.


Just 3 Simple Steps…..

  1. Call Guardian Financial. Our representatives have been working with the Home Inspection Industry for over 17 years. They will answer all your questions and send you the application documents you need.
  2. Fill out the simple online application which takes less than 10 min. We will have your account set up and active within 2 business days.
  3. Link your new Guardian Financial merchant account to the ISN Software by simply inserting your cardpointe gateway account numbers into the Inspection Support Network Software.

It really is as easy as 1,2,3.


Because our merchant account is completely compatible with Inspection Support Network Software you will have the ability to accept all card types right inside your ISN software. Once Your credit card processing is integrated with ISN you can:

  1. Have ISN automatically include a payment link to the Inspection agreement allowing your customers to pay when they fill out and sign the agreement.
  2. Accept payment on site using the ISN mobile app.
  3. Lock the inspection report so the customer is unable to open it until they have paid for it. Any credit card payment accepted through ISN, whether the customer clicks the link, or through the mobile app or on your PC, will automatically update the invoice to show it has been paid.
  4. Integration makes payment easier for the customer, it reduces cancellations, increases the chance they purchase add on services and overall makes your life easier. Shown below are some screenshots of ISN’s mobile application which will allow you to take payment on site while keeping all your records updated and current.

Once you have your cardpointe gateway credentials, you will need to copy and paste them into ISN. To do this you will need to go to the “Settings” tab, then click on “Office Settings,” and then “Payment Options.”

Scroll down until you see the Guardian Financial Logo and click on it. This is the screen where you will paste the Merchant ID#, Username and Password.  Also, here, you can select which card logos you want to have show up on your invoices and contracts. The rest of the settings are set to the default settings. Our recommendation is that you don’t change any of them. If you have questions on any of the settings, please feel free to contact us.

Once that is complete, the last step is go to into your ISN Email Events and turn off the setting for, “Client Verification of Inspection With Agreement,” and turn on the setting for “Client Verification of Inspection with Agreement and Credit Card Payment Link.”