IMPORTANT: IRS Communication on it way.

A notification will be sent to some merchants regarding the TIN (Tax Identification Number) mismatch. An action is required from all merchants that are receiving the message.

If you do not take the appropriate action to resolve this problem you may be subject to a required backup withholding. The Federal backup withholding is 28%, in addition to a possible State tax withholding (percentage varies by state). Continue reading “IMPORTANT: IRS Communication on it way.”

Guardian is Ready for Apple Pay. Are You?

On the heels of our successful Groovv launch, Guardian is now focusing on cutting-edge terminal technology. Beginning October 20, we will offer Ingenico terminals as part of our free terminal placement program.


This transition to Ingenico, a leader in the payment terminal industry, means that our customers will be able to accept contactless payments using the same NFC technology offered by Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard. PLUS, the Ingenico terminals are EMV capable – delivering the latest in fraud prevention technology. Continue reading “Guardian is Ready for Apple Pay. Are You?”

Introduction of Ben Tolman

CreateThumbNail (1)Deep down, I consider myself an Idaho farm boy and I love being an Idahoan. I owe my dedication to family and hard work to my years on the family farm here in Idaho. My beautiful wife Amber and our 5 children love everything about our life here, and don’t ever plan on leaving. Our small business career started with the purchase of 2 TCBY Franchises in Utah in 1996 and then led to opening 2 Jamba Juice Franchises in Idaho in 1998. Continue reading “Introduction of Ben Tolman”